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Rahbord Shomal Institute of Higher Education



The purpose of this research was to compare religious orientation, happiness and identity crisis in adolescents living in welfare care centers and normal adolescents. This research was a type of causal-comparative research. The statistical population of the research included all adolescents living in welfare centers and normal adolescents in Rasht city. For this purpose, 37 teenagers living in welfare care centers and 38 ordinary teenagers were selected by convenience sampling method. The tools used in this research were religious orientation questionnaire, happiness scale (OHA) and identity crisis test. The obtained data were analyzed by independent t statistical methods to compare two groups. The results of independent t analysis showed that there is a significant difference in the total score of identity crisis, the total score of happiness, and religious orientation between two groups of children living in welfare care centers and normal children. Based on the findings, we can understand the importance of raising teenagers in a normal family to strengthen religious orientation and increase self-confidence and reduce identity crisis.

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