Submission and publication process in the Journal of Modern Psychology

  1. Firstly, after being submitted to the journal's website, manuscripts are checked against the editorial board's aims and scope of the journal by the editorial board; the format of the manuscript is also limited. At this stage, the manuscripts could be submitted in English and Persian. (Average First Action 2 days).
  2. If the manuscripts are considered suitable, they will be sent to 2 reviewers. The anonymized articles are sent for double-masked reviews. (Average First Reviewer Assignment 5 days)
  3. With two completed reviews, the decision can be made. The manuscript is rejected or accepted with minor or major revisions. After being revised, the manuscript goes through the publication process (15-35 days)
  4. The Persian-accepted articles are sent to the translation process (at most 10 days).
  5. The layout of all the articles is formatted; the manuscript is language edited and proofread. Then, the accepted manuscript is sent to the corresponding author for necessary changes. After the corresponding author's confirmation, the manuscript will be published. (Average Time to Publish After Acceptance 90 days)


No publication fees are received. However, the authors are charged with translating Persian articles.


*Note: All correspondence is handled by the corresponding author; however, other co-authors are informed of the article's status.


Reviewers Responsibility 
  • Reviewers are prominent members who contribute to the journal's benefit of being a peer-reviewed (double-blind) journal. They insist not to disclose their identity in any form. A reviewer should immediately decline an article submitted if he/she feels that the article/she cannot do the timely review, the review cannot be done by him/her, or if the article has a conflict of interest.
  • All submissions should be treated as confidential, and editorial approval might be given for any outside person's advice received. No reviewer should pass on the article submitted to him/her for review to another reviewer in concern,  and it should be declined immediately.
  • Reviewers, being the base of the whole quality process, should ensure that the articles published should be of high quality and original work. He may inform the Editor-in-Chief if he finds the article submitted for review is under consideration in any other publication to his/her knowledge.
  • There are no hard and fast rules to analyzing an article; this can be done on a case-to-case basis considering the worthiness, quality, and originality of the article submitted:
    • Purpose and Objective of the article
    • Method of using transitions in the article
    • Introduction given and the conclusion/ suggestions provided
    • References provided to substantiate the content
    • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling
    • Plagiarism issues
    • Suitability of the article to the need
  • Reviewers are one major element in a peer review process. All our reviewers are requested to review the articles submitted to them for review in detail and give their review comments without any bias, which will increase the quality of our journals.

Peer Review process in the Journal of Modern Psychology