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Department of Kinesiology, School of Public Health, Indiana University, USA


Motor learning studies on adults have shown that directing the learners’ attention to external cues is more effectual than internal cues. In this study, we investigated if this could be applied to children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD). 45 boys with developmental coordination disorder were selected using motor observation questionnaire for teachers. The task was static balance test that was measured in two experimental conditions including internal (focus on body limb) and external (focus on rex marker) focus of attention. For data analysis, ANOVA and Tukey’s post hoc were used at the significant level of P < 0.05. Results showed that external focus could improve motor learning. However, there was no significant difference between internal focus and control groups. Thus children with DCD benefit from the external focus of attention to learning a static balance skill. According to the results of this study, therapists and coaches should adjust their rehabilitation methods and instructions based on external focus of attention.


Main Subjects

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