Document Type : Research Article


1 M. A. in General Psychology, Rahman Institute of Higher Education, Ramsar, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, Rahman Institute of Higher Education, Ramsar, Iran


Objective: One of the signs of people's mental health is the ability to adapt to different life conditions. This study aims to explore how parent-child interaction, sense of security, entitlement schema and adjustment are related, and how resilience mediates these relationships.
Methods: The participants are 250 female high school students from Rudsar city, who were selected by convenience sampling from 5 schools in the academic year 2023-2022. The data were collected online using the following instruments: the Parent-Child Relationship Assessment Questionnaire (PCRS), the Sense of Security in Family System Questionnaire (SIFS), the Young Schema Questionnaire (YSQ), the California Social Adjustment Questionnaire (CSAQ) and the Resilience Scale (SQRS). The data analysis was performed using Pearson correlation coefficient test and structural equation modeling with LISREL-8.8 and SPSS-22 software.
Results: The results showed that the data has a good fit with the proposed research model. The results showed that parent-child interaction, sense of security and entitlement schema have a direct and significant impact on the adjustment of female students. Moreover, there was an indirect and significant impact of parent-child interaction, sense of security and entitlement schema on the adjustment of students through the mediating role of resilience (p > 0.05).
Conclusion: The results suggest that the type of parent-child interaction, sense of security and the schemas created can influence the individual’s adjustment with the environment, and resilience plays a mediating role in this process. Therefore, paying attention to these variables is recommended to parents, counselors, psychologist and experts in the field of education.


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