Document Type : Research Article


M. Sc. in Clinical Psychology, University Lecturer, Islamic Azad University, Varamin-Phishva Branch, Varamin, Iran


Family is the oldest and most universal social unit in terms of its history and breadth. Appropriate relationships within society are formed based on appropriate relationships within the family, thereby leading to greater societal stability. The present study aimed to investigate the relationship between sexual satisfaction and emotional divorce among Iranian couples. This study was descriptive-correlational in nature. The statistical population consisted of all couples applying for divorce who referred to family counseling centers supervised by the Welfare Organization in Tehran during the second half of 2020. Using the convenience sampling method, 240 individuals were selected as the sample. The Golombok Rust inventory of sexual satisfaction (GRISS) and the emotional divorce scale were used for data collection. The results indicate a significant and meaningful positive relationship between sexual satisfaction and emotional divorce. Regression analysis also showed that sexual satisfaction can predict 0.3 of the variance in emotional divorce. The results of this study emphasize the role of sexual satisfaction in emotional divorce.


Main Subjects

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